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Luv Lou has Coffee with Créme

What was the catalyst for Luv Lou?We had always been drawn to the idea of working together and both had a history in fashion. Our love was always for eyewear and both had an endless supply of sunglasses in our handbags. We wanted to curate a brand that was born from a love of classic and authentic frames that effortlessly embellish your true self.If you could share one insight or learning with regards to business, what would it be?  In business you are not meant to be an expert in all fields so be informed by others, ask questions and surround yourself with innovative people who inspire and strengthen you.  What's been the biggest challenge with the business to date? The biggest challenge...

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Women We Luv: Helena Vestergaard

What does a day in the life of Helena look like? Well right now it's me running after my kids and tiding up the constant mess haha. But I usually try to get an ocean swim or yoga practise in somewhere too. You are a woman of many talents, Model, Actress, Singer, Yogi and Mother of two beautiful children. What inspires your creativity and keeps you motivated? Its hard, I definitely don’t always feel motivated. Mostly coffee helps.. and trying to slow down and not do everything at once. How did your modelling career begin? Before I modelled I was a dancer, I only really took modelling seriously when I moved to Los Angeles at 19 years old as I needed...

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