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Women We Luv: Helena Vestergaard

What does a day in the life of Helena look like? Well right now it's me running after my kids and tiding up the constant mess haha. But I usually try to get an ocean swim or yoga practise in somewhere too. You are a woman of many talents, Model, Actress, Singer, Yogi and Mother of two beautiful children. What inspires your creativity and keeps you motivated? Its hard, I definitely don’t always feel motivated. Mostly coffee helps.. and trying to slow down and not do everything at once. How did your modelling career begin? Before I modelled I was a dancer, I only really took modelling seriously when I moved to Los Angeles at 19 years old as I needed...

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Women We Luv: Kelly Davis Green

A woman of many talents, Director and Designer of Maurie + Eve, mother of three beautiful children and an influential, inspiring woman in the world of sustainable fashion, we talk to Kelly Davis Green about what inspires her, her business and, of course, her favourite pair of Luv Lou's.

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Frames We Luv: The Estelle

The Estelle exudes confidence, she who wears this frame is poised, adventurous and wild at heart. From linen to leather, this shade will hold its own and bring effortless femininity. She is the girl who wears the pants and thrives on life’s journey. Find our our inspiration behind this feminine, yet edgy frame, how to wear them and who wears them best.

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Women We Luv: Eleanor Pendleton

At Luv Lou we are always inspired by the women around us, especially those like the beautiful Eleanor Pendleton, the founder and editor-in-chief of online magazine and website Gritty Pretty. We were lucky enough to speak with Eleanor about the trials and tribulations of running your own business whilst becoming a new mother and dealing with all that 2020 is throwing at the world. Plus, of course, what Luv Lou sunglasses she's wearing at the moment!

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