WOMEN WE LUV: Marina Didovich

Marina we are in awe of your stylistic choices when it comes to outfitting, how would you describe your style in 3 words?

To be honest I don't feel like I can even answer this! My style is a big of a mixed bag!

Your career is derived around creativity, what do you find inspires you? 

Everything and Anything!!!! Instagram is definitely a main inspo.... but also my husband, my peers, at the moment I'm introducing my son to a lot of old school music so am very much getting into these video clips also!



What does a day look like for a celebrity stylist and creative director?

Depends on the day! It could be sitting in front of my computer for 12 hours straight collating a styling document, spending hours driving around Sydney running showroom appointments, waking up at 2:45am for a 4am call time, setting an alarm for 2am to jump on a call with an overseas client or swimming neck deep in post shoot wardrobe prepping courier returns.... not one day is the same!


What is the best advice you’ve been given? 

You're only as good as your last job!


What are you currently watching/reading and listening to? 

LOL - The walking dead TV show


What is your current wardrobe essential? 

Still living in my Alaia fish net ballet flats


What’s your favourite Luv Lou Style? 

Currently obsessed with the black Bostons!


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