BEHIND THE SCENES: Luv Lou x Love Isabelle

How was the Luv Lou x Love Isabelle collection born?

We have had a very close friendship to Isabelle owner of Love Isabelle Jewellery and have always been inspired by her eye for design and unique jewellery pieces. Both Jayde and I have personal collections of Love Isabelle Jewellery and as our friendship grew, we ended up moving into a shared warehouse space for the last two years. It was here at the office, working together each day that ‘The Isabelle’ style was born.


How do the two brands align?

Our two brands have always been on similar trajectories over the years, and we have found it seamless working with Izzy as we have similar brand values. We have always shared our learnings and our wins as founders and have found inspiration through each other’s journeys. I think the most fitting thing about our two brands is that both Luv Lou and Love Isabelle both have a timeless and classic aesthetic to it in the accessory space, bringing together a harmonious fusion of elegance and sophistication.
How did you find inspiration for ‘The Isabelle’ style?

This iconic style actually came about so organically, Izzy had been dreaming about a wavy temple arm and we had been working with our suppliers on something similar, so it was a match made in heaven. We both wanted a style that married together modern trends with a classic aesthetic. We knew we wanted a slim cat eye shape which was chic and elegant in design. The plant-based shape then was adorned with a bespoke gold pendent to represent the brand fusion.


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