About Us

Luv Lou is committed to designing and producing quality eyewear for the girl who sees the world in endless ways and chooses to be wild and untamed. A collaboration of frames that speaks to all.

Luv Lou was born from a love of classic, feminine and refined eyewear that is effortlessly elevated in its design. Sister duo Hayley Hall and Jayde Hall launched their label Luv Lou in 2018. Dedicated to their beloved Nan Louanne who was strong yet soft, poised yet spontaneous, both beautiful and classic which encapsulates their designs.
With a focus on inclusivity, their classic styles resonate with a diverse range of women making them so successful. Luv Lou's aim is to provide an elevated sunglass design with subtle gold detailing homed in a champagne velvet hard case whilst remaining attainable and sustainable.

Our Vision

From design to production our vision is to create eyewear pieces that are classic and timeless. We believe the longevity of your eyewear should be lasting in its material and design, and therefore offer a premium brand at an affordable price point. We believe in caring for your piece kindly with your champagne cleaning cloth and velvet hard case to ensure the longevity of your eyewear.
Our designs are inspired by traditional silhouettes from the past and iconic women who have given us the iconic cat eye shapes, which we continue to embrace and love.
We believe in staying true to authentic shapes from the past and curating considered collections with tonal and seasonal colour palettes which reflect femininity and timeless style. Our vision is to create frames which have a lasting impression, ones that you simply can’t live without and frames that grow with you.
Luv Lou is for every woman with a voice and is limitless in its ability to bring you refined, beautiful and lasting eyewear. At Luv Lou, we cherish the handmade process, the art and creation that goes into each pair and the personal element involved.


At Luv Lou we are committed to making conscious business decisions that aid in preserving our world. We strive to develop and refine a more sustainable business model as we move forward, where strategies are implemented to reduce waste and use plant based products.
To date, Luv Lou has taken the following actions to initiate sustainable practices: 
  • Launching their first plant based acetate eyewear collection.
  • All orders are shipped using compostable mailers
  • All paper within our business is recycled 
  • All soft plastics are recycled to avoid landfill 
  • We have made donations to Worn for Good to be sold on and given a second life. Worn for Good donated 100% of profits to their three partner charities providing aid to vulnerable communities in need.


  • Working towards making all Luv Lou collections plant based.
  • Eliminating single use plastic in our business.


We hope that these pieces give you the confidence to be “soft and successful, a traditionalist and a rebel, a lover and a fighter, vulnerable and invincible”.
(L. Messenger)