WOMEN WE LUV: Erin Deering

You are the founder of the incredibly successful swimwear brand Triangl, author of your own memoir, podcast creator and now business consultant and style icon. Not to mention, a gorgeous mother to your children and wife to your husband Zac.


You are a very inspiring woman to follow, what are your non negotiables in your day that keeps you motivated?

Exercising every weekday, and one weekend day (Sundays are always for relaxing!) Putting on a good outfit, or at least styling something myself to some degree.

Doing one thing at least off my to-do, on the days I feel unmotivated. These days aren’t common for me fortunately, but I’m having one today and this is my one thing I am doing that is productive! I do find once I get the one thing done, I end up keep going and have a fairly productive day in the end, which always feels very satisfying!


You have had many career moments along your journey, what has been a highlight?

Recently, my book for sure. I am very proud of the fact I wrote a whole book that now lives on forever! It took a lot of consistent dedication to get the 65,000 words written, but to be honest, I looked forward to writing every day, and loved the process so much. Already planning the second book…!!



What would be your top 3 business tips for women?

  1. Our compassion, emotion and kindness are not weaknesses (cough cough patriarchy), but in fact, our superpowers. Learn to work with them to their fullest potential.

  2. Understand that we never find ‘balance’ and feel like we have it under control always. It’s a constant rollercoaster of emotions and feelings in business. Know even the most ‘put together’ of women have moments of unraveling and overwhelm.

  3. Know and own your flaws. They do not diminish you, they are just part of you and allowing them out into the open is what will free you.



Your memoir Hanging by a Thread takes us through such a beautifully honest recount of your life, what did you love most about writing this book?

Every word! I loved recounting my whole life so far. It was a very cathartic experience, and there were so many things I’d buried in my memory until I wrote about them, which was equally joyful and painful.


We love following your outfit diaries and styling choices, what are your current obsessions in your wardrobe?

Anything by Phoebe Philo and Bottega Veneta. Phoebe is the new it girl, and it’s just fun to be watching a new brand take flight. As I am launching my own brand in 2024, it’s been very inspiring to take note of what she is doing differently.

Bottega is wearable art to me, quite simply. The textured pieces, the colour palettes, the art direction, all of it - it thrills me to no end to stay across all Matthieu does with the brand.


How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Polished, laid back, fun


Lastly let’s talk about sunglasses, what shape is your go to at the moment?

I love anything with a coloured lens, seeing as Melbourne isn’t getting much sun at the moment, we can get away without the sun blocking lenses! Blue, yellow, red, clear - I feel it’s the easiest way to elevate an outfit and take it somewhere a bit more special!


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