WOMEN WE LUV: Emily Foord & Lilli Dee


What does a day in the life of Emily + Lilli look like?

Lilli: Depends on the day, however a couple mornings a week I’m up early and heading to pilates before dropping my two daughters to daycare. Then I pick up an iced oat latte from my favourite local spot on my way home to start work for the day. I work in marketing for an international retail company so usually spend most of the day on zoom meetings with my team and working on campaigns. More recently since Emily and I started the podcast, most evenings after I put the girls to bed are spent planning and researching topics, working on edits, setting up social media posts, all the fun stuff that keeps the podcast going.

Emily: I’ve recently started back at work so life is extra busy now! I try to start my mornings nice and early before my daughter is awake. My husband makes me a coffee bright and early which is the best start to the day. Once Posie is up we are on the go to get her out the door and then I’m back home or in the office for a day of work – I work for a not for profit mental health organisation which is incredibly rewarding. In between work and mum life, I spend most of my spare time working on the podcast – Lil and I are doing it all ourselves at the moment and while we absolutely love it, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to bring it to life!


You two are the dynamic duo behind the newly founded podcast Suddenly Thirty, tell us what prompted you to begin the podcast?

We had both been yearning to dive into a passion project and when we started chatting about a podcast, we just knew it was the right path for us. We love listening to podcasts and we’re both wanting to listen to something about the intricacies of modern womanhood – that was underpinned by motherhood but also about more than just being mothers. We wanted a platform where we could have meaningful and insightful conversations about fashion, careers, parenting, relationships and more. 



You have been friends for close to 20 years, what is something new you have learnt about each other since starting the podcast?

Lilli: I’ve always known Emily to be a kind and caring person, however working with her on our podcast has shown me just how thoughtful she is. From making sure how we talk about sensitive topics in an empathetic and balanced way for our listeners who might identify themselves in what we discuss, to being my biggest supporter and cheerleader of the vulnerabilities I’ve shared. Suddenly Thirty would not be what it is without her and I’m so lucky to be working with her.

Emily: Working with Lil on the podcast has shown me how truly passionate she is – she puts her whole heart into what she is doing and the things she loves. Whether it be her family, friends, work, home, the podcast – she gives wholeheartedly to it all. She brings a deep perspective and balance to everything that we do on the podcast, and is always good at bringing me back to reality! Of course, I’ve always seen this side of Lil but working together has truly showed me what a special little soul she is! It is an absolute privilege to be working with her and I’m so grateful for what she brings to Suddenly Thirty.


What’s upcoming for Suddenly Thirty, topics, interviews, merch?!

We have some very exciting interviews in the works and we can’t to share them with you in the coming months. We have been working very hard behind the scenes to bring some of our dream products to life – keep your eyes peeled for some Suddenly Thirty Club goodness!


Who would be the ultimate goal to interview on the pod?

Lilli: A dream would be Esther Perel. I love her work and have so many questions I’d love to ask her about navigating life as a working mother in 2023 lol.

Emily: Erin Deering for sure! She is paving the way for working mums and entrepreneurs, and shows the importance of looking after yourself while running a business.


We have been listening to the pod and know you are working on a Christmas gift guide, what’s on your Christmas wishlist?

Lilli: I’m in the market for a big tote to take to work with my laptop and lunch etc so I’ve been eyeing a dragon diffusion tote or a suede one from Little Liffner. 

Emily: I’d love a new gold ring and have been obsessing over one from Love Isabelle for months – it’s at the top of my list!


You both have amazing style, describe it to us in 3 words. 

Lilli: This is very timely since I’ve been obsessed with the ‘Allison Bornstein method’ and just discovered my three words: classic, feminine and minimal.

Emily: Thanks to Lil, I’ve also done the Allison Bornstein method and it has completely changed my experience of getting dressed. My three words are: neutral, oversized and effortless.



What are your hand bag essentials?

Lilli: Apart from the obvious keys, phone, wallet, I always have about 6 different lipsticks/balms, snacks and my emotional support water bottle since I’m still breastfeeding and get so thirsty at the drop of a hat. Oh and always always always baby wipes! Tonnes of them!

Emily: Now that I’m back at work, I’ve got my OWN handbag that isn't filled with baby essentials. Apart from the usual, I’ve always got my water bottle, hair clip and my favourite lip balm from Babor. 


What are your current obsessions?

Lilli: I’ve been hyper fixated on this mexican style beans, mince and eggs breakfast for almost a year now.

Emily: My Kindle! I’ve read more books in the past year than I've read in my entire life.


What is your fav Luv Lou style?

Lilli: The Taylors in black are a bit of me, although I think I’m about to become obsessed with the Helena’s in tort.

Emily: The Boston in Gold. She’s having a moment and I totally understand why!


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