We are so excited to chat to Ellidy Pullin on all things motherhood, podcasts, books and collaborations most recently with Luv Lou.


We have to start with gorgeous Minnie, what do you love most about being her mum?

My favorite thing about being that little firecracker’s Mum would have to be experiencing and seeing the world through her fresh little eyes, and just watching her wild and bold personality come out more and more each day. It’s SO much fun, she keeps me on my toes.


With all the things you have on the go, what does an ordinary day look like for you?

Minnie and I usually try to start (and end) our days with a little walk on the beach with our dog Rummi. If Minnie’s in daycare that day - I’m running around working, cleaning, cooking, and if she’s not we are trying to stay out of the house so she can’t turn it upside down, cafe hop, park hop, catch up with friends that also have kids etc. Minnie also loves grocery shopping, so we always do that together. She loves sitting in the trolley and yelling and pointing at all the food until I crumble and let her have it all.


You are a woman of many talents, host to the Darling Shine podcast and author to your very own memoir. What has been a highlight in your career so far?

I would have to say the Podcast has been my biggest fear and also biggest highlight.  Public speaking is a massive phobia of mine, so every episode I get through makes me feel so accomplished, not to mention the fact that it seems to be bringing lots of women together and helping them through grief and fertility struggles. So of course that makes me very proud.


Travel has been a big part of your life recently, where is somewhere special to you? 

Minnie and I have been spending lots of time in Ibiza with her amazing God Parents - Chloe and Fish. I think the memories and milestones we’ve made there the past two years are unforgettable. Greece is another one, as my Mum is Greek so we’ve also had a bit of time traveling the islands with her exploring her motherland. Seeing the joy Mum gets out of us being there with her is so special.


We are so excited to have recently launched Luv Lou x Ellidy Pullin with you, what did you love about the collaboration process?

I think I am even more excited… I’ve always been such an accessories girl. I’m never without jewellery, sunnies and a hat. I loved how easily we flowed together in the design process, I knew the exact shape I wanted from the get go and the girls really picked up and worked with my vision. I feel it’s quite a classic shape, but just with fun colours.


What’s your favourite colour out of the new Ellidy collection?

My favourite is the Denim colourway, even before I saw the first sample I knew it would be my fave, especially with blonde hair, the blue just pops. I’ve also been wearing the Magenta a lot lately, as far as the lens goes it’s the lightest of the collection and is definitely my favourite to see-through. I’ve been getting so many lovely compliments on them too so that’s super exciting feedback pre-launch.




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