Describe a day in the life of Sigourney Cantelo?

Hectic, varied and fuelled by caffeine. Honestly though every day is different and that’s how I like it. If there’s a beauty event on or I’m shooting for the site I’ll be zipping from place to place on a tight schedule - I tend to do them all on one day in a week so I don’t have to go into the city too often. (I recently moved up to Elanora Heights and I’m loving the beach lifestyle so much I struggle to leave!) Otherwise it’s home-based: writing stories for Beauticate, testing product and shooting and editing content for social.

What motivated you to start your amazing business Beauticate?

Working in magazines I could see the shift from print to digital and I wanted to create a site that spoke to me as a woman, that demystified the often befuddling world of beauty. I was also looking for more flexibility for my young family. 

From being the former Vogue beauty editor to owning your own business ‘Beauticate’, what has been your stand out career moment/highlight?

There were some pretty exciting moments at Vogue (interviewing Rihanna in Barbados for MAC, Lady Gaga in New York and more) but launching my own website and finally running my career on my terms was seriously life changing. 

What are your current handbag essentials?

Chanel Hand Cream; Byredo Travel Perfume in Pulp; my Bottega coin purse (i use this for all my cards now, I ditched my big purse) and, of course, my Luv Lou Margot sunnies!

What is your best kept beauty secret or tip?

I’m loving lash lifts at the moment (https://www.beauticate.com/how-to/beauty-tips/this-is-literally-all-you-need-to-know-about-getting-a-lash-lift/) - it saves me SO much time curling my eyelashes and when you add mascara it really makes lashes and eyes pop. I used to get lash extensions but my lashes really suffered so I switched to lash serum and paired with the lash lifts it's a good compromise. 

Who is your style icon?

I love the girls of the sixties and seventies bohemian and jetset scenes: Talitha Getty, Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot, Marianne Faithfull; Anita Pallenberg… so much so that I had a Slim Aarons themed 40th (https://www.beauticate.com/how-to/sigs-slim-aarons-poolside-birthday-all-the-details/) so we could pull out all those fashions! 

What is your favourite Luv Lou style?

It’s a toss up between The Harley and The Margot. Can I have two favourites!? 

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