What does a day in the life of Nadia Fairfax look like?

Two days are never the same! I am currently travelling at the moment. It pretty much looks like pasta, wine, eat, sleep - repeat! Haha. When I am home in Sydney, it's much more subdued than people think. Walk to get a coffee, sit at my laptop for 7 hours or so.... It's not always glamorous parties and fashion shows! Haha. 


You are a woman of many talents, what is your favourite aspect of your career?

Planning events and bringing people together. From the creative side of working with a brand, to bringing an event to life, to the touching side of helping to create memories for people. It's all just very special! 


You are always traveling to amazing places, what’s your best travel hack/tip?

Make things easy for yourself, stay at hotels over Airbnb’s. Need a late night snack?  They can whip it up? Need help with your baggage? No stress, just a call away. Need help booking a car or tour in a foreign speaking country? Oh my gosh  - concierge can help! Haha. In the long run - it's worth the extra dollars.


Favourite holiday destination?

Hmmm, forever changing but typically involves sun and sea. I did just have two weeks at the splendid Maca Kizi in Bodrum, Turkey. Highly recommend a visit! 


Describe your style in 3 words.



We are obsessed with your style!

What are the staple pieces in your wardrobe?

A vintage leopard print shirt that belonged to my mother, any kind of bold shoe, never too far from a statement earring and I love any sort of peculiar dress. Anything to stay away from the "norm".... 


What is the best advice you’ve been given? 

Follow your instincts and intuition! If it feels off, more than likely it's rotten. 


What can you not live without?

Creme de la mer (I have the driest skin in history, and this is a saviour!), a really high quality quilt, cheeseburgers and Hydralyte icy- poles! 


Favourite Luv Lou Style?

STEVIE IN BLACK!!! Timeless cool.

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