What does a typical day in the life of Jaynee Penny look like?

A little cliche, but no two days are the same.
My day when I am based in Sydney starts off with an early morning walk/run or some form of exercise. I then head into the TRIANGL office in Bondi and usually work through product development and ranging new collections. My day finishes with a swim, or some time laying in the sun (I like to think this is part of the job, product testing!).
When I’m based in Europe, my days are filled with everything relating to our photoshoots. Usually flying to different countries to scout locations or execute a shoot. I still try to stick to a morning routine but anything goes when I’m on the road! (Including eating bread baskets and ice cream every night for dinner).


What is the best thing about working for TRIANGL?

We have an incredibly talented and hard working team which makes the job so easy and enjoyable. It’s an added bonus that part of the job requires us to follow Summer.


Highlight of your career to date?

Having random girls say how much they love the product and how far the brand has come. A true testament to the hard work of the team!


You are constantly traveling the world - what is your best travel hack?

Pack for a trip in outfits or colours that go together so you can mix and match a lot of pieces.

I usually lay out all my bikinis in colour order (probably 20+ of them…) and below them I arrange all my shorts, skirts, shirts, accessories and shoes that match back. It’s a great way to cull what you don’t really need.


Describe your style in 3 words?

What’s the word for not-conservative? lol


What are your current handbag essentials?

Very boring for me - keys, wallet, phone & lip balm


What are you currently watching/reading and listening to?

Watching - The Royals
Reading - Fluent Forever
Listening to - At this very moment it’s Calvin Harris (I have a slight obsession after my stint in Ibiza!)


What’s your favourite Luv Lou Style?

The Stevie - in all colours!
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