What does a day in the life of Izzy look like?

Depending on Sydney’s current extreme weather changes, I love to either go for a early surf or sit down for an early coffee date with my boyfriend before heading into the office to see all the girls (we love sharing an office with Luv Lou!!). Always different throughout the day but mostly made up of playing around with new materials to bring collections together, liaising with our marketing team and working closely with our production manager. Finishing off the day with some olives, and a glass of rose is an added bonus!

What is your favourite thing about running your own business- Love Isabelle Jewellery?

I love that everyday is completely different, whether I’m heading out to our stores to visit our staff, designing new collections, conceptualising shoots or collaborating with creatives to bring something amazing together. I also love the flexibility it gives me to travel and enjoy all the wonderful things in life…. I’m truly so lucky.



At just 20 years old, you have created such a successful brand, what is up next for Love Isabelle Jewellery?

We have a few very exciting launches coming up….one dabbling in a new space within the jewellery scope that I am SO excited for, and another collaborative collection with an amazing creative overseas that will bring a new edge to our current line. I feel like I currently have so many new ideas running through my head, so it's actually trying to plan what works for us best right now and not just letting my imagination run too wild haha. But it is the year of trying new things for Love Isabelle and it's for sure the most fun and exciting yet!

Describe your style in 3 words.

Androgonous, minimal with hints of colour.



Who is your style icon?

I love pulling ideas from everywhere but I do love Valentina Muntoni and Maya Stepper!


What is your favourite pair of Luv Lou’s?

The Stevie in black and gold for sure. Matches my jewels and I just the love coloured lens at the moment. 

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