WOMEN WE LUV: Ellidy Pullin & Chloe Fisher

What does a day in the life of Ellidy & Chloe look like?

Ellidy: I start most days with an early morning beach walk with my pooch, and then coffee at one of our local favourites. The rest of the day revolves around what work I have on, and of course all my snack times. Working for myself is such a blessing, and as my path into motherhood presents, I’m sure my routine is about to change, and I can’t wait!

Chloe: I usually wake up around 7 am, downstairs for a celery juice, been trying to start my day with one of those! Followed by a trip to my local coffee shop in Venice called Little Lunch (owned by fellow Aussies!). During the day i’ll work on Paul’s (the hubby) two merchandise labels that I run for him, any social media jobs I have, then of course all things Darling, Shine! Australia wakes up my early afternoon in LA, so I usually start getting calls from home around 4pm for catch ups! Then shop for dinner and bed! (When I am not on tour of course… My day is drastically different when I'm on the road!)

Describe your friendship in 3 words?
Can we have 5 haha - FUN, Respectful, Solidarity, Understanding + Empathy

What do you love the most about working together on your podcast Darling Shine?
Darling, Shine! prompts us to articulate our feelings and have conversations out loud that we usually wouldn’t. There’s no limits with us, recording forces us to be so open and honest with one another. We feel like we are each other's therapists sometimes. Plus we get to go out for lunch and cocktails on the work card! BINGO!

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?
“It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice”

What is your most favourite memory together?
Running away from our ex boyfriends in Bali together! Hahaha!

What are your current can’t live without essentials in your hand bag?
Luv Lou (obviously!) airpods, iPhone, hand Sanitiser, lip balm, water bottle - these are pretty boring haha

What is your favourite Luv Lou Style?
Ellidy: The Stevie in Black and Gold.

Chloe: The Leui + The Harley

What do you love about Luv Lou?
Every style suits so damn well, which is hard to find in sunnies. And they are all timeless! We’ve both been wearing the same Harley Tort pair since the brand started and doubt we will ever stop! Also you cannot beat the price point, mean’s you can have more than one pair, winning!!

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