A note from the founders x 


Honouring all women who love unconditionally, mothers present, past, to be and yearning.

This Mother’s Day we wanted to share with you our own beautiful mother, her mother and how this shaped Luv Lou.

Growing up with our mum was and still is pure joy. Her caring, kind and generous nature has always stretched far beyond just us. Her love can be felt by her family, friends, her patients she nurses and a complete stranger she may pass. It is endless.

We will forever admire her for the values she instilled in us, putting others before yourself and being empathetic to those around you. She shines a light that brings warmth to all and her laughter is infectious. 



Graceful, elegant and resilient is the way mum describes her mother, Louanne. Tragically after mum had recently had me (Hayley), her mum was struck by a car and left this earth. We know in our hearts and can only imagine how loving and doting nan would have been. I believe mum is everything nan would have been in so many ways from the nurse that they both were, loving wife, mother and friend. 
Even though Jayde and I never had the chance to get to know our nanna, we have always felt her presence strongly. We have worn her jewellery, seen hand written recipes and read letters she had written to mum. Her spirit is strong and I believe that is why it only felt natural to dedicate our brand to such a beautiful woman, who gifted us with our mum.



Since transitioning into motherhood myself and becoming Dusty’s mum I have truly reflected on the mother figures in my life and how they love and guide us continually.

To us Mother’s Day is a nice reminder to extend love in whichever direction you choose or to whomever has had an influence on you along the way.


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